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Hickey Heart .

Hickey Heart .

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Nike Air Max 90 - Black/Medium Ash/Total Crimson (by Snipes)


@Pouyalilpou - Pumpin Tha Slug
Mixed/Mastered by @SLGrico at @RandRStudio
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QuestionDo you think apple will eventually go under or become irrelevant like blackberry did? Answer






Apple has 159 billion dollars in cash. That’s not even counting the assets they own, this is just money sitting around waiting to be spent on some shit. 

One brilliant thing they’re doing with all that money is using it to continue the most successful marketing campaign I’ve ever seen. Brainwashing millions of people into thinking their life is incomplete unless they own one of Apple’s products. 

Having a reserve of cash that big means its virtually impossible for you to ever go out of business unless some unforseen catastrophic event happens.

For example, Nintendo has 15 billion dollars in their reserves, and its been said that Nintendo can run a deficit of $250 million for over 30 years until they were forced to run out of business.  

Imagine how long Apple could go. 

Bout to hatch a scheme and come up


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Even bigger issue. They both have that much money and aren’t doing a thing towards suffering in their own respective countries. And if just those two companies have that RESERVED how much money REALLY is out in there world, obliviously to the masses?




Can we just talk about how useful this is but also how happy that dog is to be teaching us something. Look at that tail wag. Thank you puppy. 

Carbondale!? He came to siuc!? Damnnn why was I only 13 nd not in college lol

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